Arcade game machine or your can call it coin-operated machine is a necessary to build a fabulous arcade game center in those amusement parks. Usually, the late 1970s is commonly considered as a golden age of arcade games. At that time, you can see kinds of arcade games in those ordinary gaming rooms sitting on the streets. Also, arcade games have been a synonymous of amusement for a fairly long time till mid-1980s. Today, you can always see all kinds of well-decorated amusement arcades in those shopping malls or supper market. There are various kinds of arcade game machines await a complete exploration. Now, I will introduce three most popular arcade game machine to you.

Ultimate Big Punch Game Machine

Machine features

  • Lovely lottery design: This arcade game machine is designed for people to give a big punching on its pad. But it still has a lovely lottery available for you to perform a small gambling. It will certainly help create more exciting feelings for those adventurous people.
  • Wonderful music: It automatically play charming music that seems to be more attractive to kids.
  • Strong mobility: This kind of boxing game machine has a strong mobility so that you can change its location very easily. It can be put in a game center, supermarket, or an amusement park.

Playing guidance

First, you have to insert coin or swap a card to get the machine started. After that, you need to put on the box gloves and wait for the boxing bags to raise up or the time displays on the screen. Finally, you can give the bag a punch to e effective. Remember to punch it within the dynamic time or it will enter to next turn automatically.

UFO Air Hockey


  • Easily set up: Since it has a blister chassis, you will easily set it anywhere in your indoor play park.
  • High program IC: We have made ourselves a unique program that runs with parts of high-quality IC board and material.
  • Different shapes: we have a variety of appearances available for game city centers in different styles.

Plying guidance

Putting in the game currency to start the machine. Then, it will automatically put in a ball inside its body and you have to push the ball with a controlled strength to help it bounce into the opponent’s hole. Finally, it will give you a score based on your performance.

Bowling Simulator Redemption Game Machine

  • Attractive design: It has luxury covers, beautiful lighting, and high-end atmosphere. So, it looks very charming in an arcade game center.
  • Lottery: Players can get lottery by wonderfully sliding the bowling ball. The greater performance will bring to you a bigger lottery.
  • Real experiences: While using this machine, you will have to play bowling as you used to don in your real life. So, you can get more than what you can get from real bowling games.

Playing guidance

Insert required coins into the coin entrance and you can begin your bowling trip. You just to need to slide the ball like you are playing real bowling and get a higher score.

These tree types of arcade game machine are the most popular ones at the current time. So, next time you arrive at an indoor playground, remember to try these arcade games. If you want to learn more children arcade game machines, please click here.