Designing an indoor playground is so much different from other designing. In this article, some helpful ideas will be introduced to make your time and money efficient.

If you want to open your own indoor playground, first things first, you will need a brilliant location with parking lots and convenient public transportation. After deciding the location and signing the lease, here comes to the most important part that lay the foundation of whether this place will be attractive to kids and parents – interior design. I would advise you to hire a designer or company that has done similar project before. Then they would have some experience to save you from a lot of trouble. A simple example would be a company that specializes in office designing and has never done a kids’ place before do not a certain process to follow and do not know what may be safe and what be hurt, kids. That would be a tremendous waste of time and capital.

Even though you have found an experienced designed doesn’t mean you are off the hook, you can just lay back and waiting for the finish day. You will need to discuss the details with the designer to make good use of the space, layout, and style of the place. Considering the specialty of running a kids’ place, here is some advice that may help you with the design.

Design your restroom to meet customers’ needs

Since you are running a kids’ place, it’s primary consideration should be a special need, like diaper changes, potty training and etc. You need to cater to parents with babies who tend to spend more time in the restroom and need much more space. Therefore it is important to have family restrooms and diaper changing tables. In most cases, unisex restrooms are more family-friendly then gender-specific ones. These small things will show the thoughtfulness of the owner, save parents a lot of trouble and finally, win their minds. As a convenience, you can also provide diapers and wipes for emergency cases. Parents would definitely like that.

Before any modification, you need to discuss the possibility with the landlord (if you don’t own the space) about any changes in layouts. Put it in minds, not all landlords are happy with changes. They may cause some unnecessary trouble for the next leasing.

Incorporate restaurants and retail stores

Running around or playing with kids can be tiring and exhausting. It’s important to have someplace to relax and recharge themselves. A mini restaurant with some delicate cakes, drinks, and snakes can be really appealing. You can also set a retail space near the check-in selling some small toys and souvenirs. This way customers can browse after checking in or while waiting in line. Small things like parenting books, albums, little toys, and store merchandise may surprisingly bring you some considerable extra profit every year.

Design a memory wall

A simple and warm way of decoration is having a memory wall. You can keep some sweet photos of events like kids’ birthday and Halloween special activity on the wall to attract more customers. This can also gain you some returning customers since every time they come back, it will bring back some great memories and happy time they spent here. Running an indoor playground for kids is much different from other places. Gaining the kids’ minds is always the priory. For more information, please refer to these indoor playgrounds: