Several years ago, Angry Birds, which is one type of new video games that can be played on mobile devices, came into our lives and rapidly became a hot video game later. The angry birds hires a slingshot, round birds, and dumpy pigs to work in the game with different functions. The slingshot is used as weapon that help to hurl the round bird that is considered as bullet. With appropriate strength, you then may be able to hit down those dumpy pigs lying on the shelf. Actually, the slingshot can remind many of us of our childhood times in village, when we are used to shoot at birds with our handcrafted slingshot. That feels really wonderful and engages me in those memories for minutes all the time.

The Angry Birds Arcade Ticket Redemption Game

The Angry Birds Arcade Ticket Redemption Game machine really has a pretty attractive looking with delicate decoration of all kinds of cartoon pictures. Those cartoon pictures stem from those scenes happened in the angry bird game. For example, you can see the angry face of the bird printed in the front of the game machine and you can also see the dizzy pigs lying on the ground on the side face. Whatever the birds or the pigs, their lively phizes can really make you laugh and take you to the player’s position. With a unique design, the whole machine looks like a small buss with three transparent windows and one black side. Actually, the front window and its opposite window are touchscreens made into a transparent type. When the game starts, the front touchscreen will show you the slingshot and round birds while the opposite screen will show you your targets. When the bird is flying through the distance, you can see the tracks it left behind through the front window or the flank of the machine. This will be very interesting because you can vividly watch the whole track that will help you to make an adjustment if you fail to hit down your goal this time. The exciting new angry birds arcade game has flied deep into the arcade world where people can enjoy lots of magical experiences in it. Since its birth, this angry bird game machine gradually take place of those ordinary arcade game machine and it became the fantastic new ticket redemption game machine now. When the angry birds arcade ticket redemption game machine sits in the amusement arcade, it will attract kids and parents alike to play with angry birds and dumpy pigs. The angry birds is a top earning redemption game that will help those visitors to get fun from every shooting.

The angry birds arcade ticket redemption game machine is designed to be featured in those arcade game rooms where there are many other arcade game machines. Every time you make a shooting, you will be given a hope of hitting down the ideal goal and get a big prize. This will be a really relaxing and fun game suitable for people of all ages.