What is the need for an indoor playground?

What is the need for an indoor playground?

It all depends on where one lives whether it is “needed” or not. In areas with extreme heat or cold weather; or by extension, where there is excessive rain/snow that makes outside activity harder to do, they are more likely to be greatly appreciated and used, than where there is temperate weather, and there are […]

Advice for designing an indoor playground

Advice for designing an indoor playground for kids

Designing an indoor playground is so much different from other designing. In this article, some helpful ideas will be introduced to make your time and money efficient. If you want to open your own indoor playground, first things first, you will need a brilliant location with parking lots and convenient public transportation. After deciding the […]

benefits of the outdoor playground

The benefits of the outdoor playground for the growth of children

In addition to playing in the indoor playground, children need to be exposed to the outdoors and a playground is a good place for them to play. In these spaces, children can create chaos, run around, hide, and interact with other children. It’s a good way for them to explore the world. It is very […]

Say goodbye to childhood obesity

Say goodbye to childhood obesity

Do you know that 1out 3 kids in the USA are obese because of today’s more sedentary lifestyle? No matter adults or kids all like watching TV, video games, tablets, smart phones and so on, leading to kids obesity. September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. It’s time for us to get our family to […]

paradise for Your Children

A paradise for Your Children

As a mother or father, you must have been surprised by the energy of children. It seems that kids have endless energy, which maybe makes you feel exhausted after accompanying them for a whole day. However, as parents,   you still need to look for new and exciting activities all the time to take your child […]

Make an Interesting Backyard for Children Between 3-5 Years Old

Make an Interesting Backyard for Children Between 3-5 Years Old

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old are learning how to structure things, whether abstract or realistic. Children of this age begin to build structures by using different kinds of building blocks and other materials. With this in mind, here are some ideas for your child’s age in the backyard game area […]

Advantages of Indoor Play

The Advantages of Indoor Play and Outdoor Play

The Benefits of Indoor Activities: As the weather reflects, summer is coming! Now is a good time to take advantage of children’s holidays to allow them to play freely, which is crucial to the overall development of children. We would like to show you the benefits of indoor activities and outdoor activities. Find out their […]

Angry Birds Arcade Ticket Redemption Game

Angry face brings laughing time in Angry Birds Arcade Ticket Redemption Game

Several years ago, Angry Birds, which is one type of new video games that can be played on mobile devices, came into our lives and rapidly became a hot video game later. The angry birds hires a slingshot, round birds, and dumpy pigs to work in the game with different functions. The slingshot is used […]

Hockey Table

A perfect game for friends at Boon-A-Rang Air Hockey Table

I don’t know whether all your viewers have played air hockey ball before today’s discussion. In fact, air hockey is a table-based game that requires two players to play at a low-friction table. They will separately hold a striker that is used to hit the puck. Air hockey table is made with a very slippery […]

popular arcade game machine

3 most popular arcade game machine in 2019

Arcade game machine or your can call it coin-operated machine is a necessary to build a fabulous arcade game center in those amusement parks. Usually, the late 1970s is commonly considered as a golden age of arcade games. At that time, you can see kinds of arcade games in those ordinary gaming rooms sitting on […]