Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old are learning how to structure things, whether abstract or realistic. Children of this age begin to build structures by using different kinds of building blocks and other materials. With this in mind, here are some ideas for your child’s age in the backyard game area or indoor playground that will keep your child’s imagination popping up:

 Chalk Wall

With just some chalk paint and a few pieces of cement blackboard, you can create an interesting place for your children to practice the alphabet under the sunshine, so just make sure you buy outdoor chalk paint. This is an acceptable factor.

Outdoor Mud Kitchen

To add a natural pleasure to your child-friendly backyard, why not make an outdoor mud kitchen? With an old kitchen sink and a few trays, you can create a pleasant messy outdoor area where your children can enjoy the whole summer. Children can play family roles in it. This game not only allows children to experience what it feels like to be the head of a household, but also let them learn how to get along well with their friends.

Make a Game Room

Provide your imaginative children a place to energize their toys. If you’re not going to build a full DIY game room, there are some creative game rooms for you to play in the backyard:

Build a single room by using branches and branches in your yard. Use PVC pipes and tarpaulins to create an outdoor fortress. Use some plywood and a few pine boards to make a reading area. Let them build their own fortress by using a set of oversized foam blocks.

DIY Roadways

If your child likes to play toy cars and dump trucks, and you can build an outdoor children’s area with an interstate roadway in the backyard. Using cheap concrete paving machines and a small amount of white paint as the centerline, you can create a busy highway around the children’s backyard game area.

Water Wall

The Water Wall is an affordable and interesting DIY backyard play area. You can use several 2 x 4inch pipes, some barbed wire and plastic pipes to build your backyard DIY water wall.

Backyard Campground

Camping is the main activity of childhood. But if your child is not old enough, backyard camping is the best way to try first. First, find a flat and soft place in the yard to set up a tent. Then, make sure there are no roots and rocks and that the soil there is well drained. At last, build your tent, or, for a longer-term shelter, set up your own tent in the backyard. No campsite is completely fire-free, so add your own picnic table and simple DIY fire pit to the perfect marshmallow baking station.

These are some of the ideas we’ve provided you with that will allow you to successfully transform and use your backyard to create happiness for your children. At the same time, I hope you can enjoy your valuable family time there.