Do you know that 1out 3 kids in the USA are obese because of today’s more sedentary lifestyle? No matter adults or kids all like watching TV, video games, tablets, smart phones and so on, leading to kids obesity.

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. It’s time for us to get our family to pursue a healthy lifestyle and get motivated. Now I would like to offer you some tips on family fitness. First of all, you can set an example for them all.

Parents are examples of their kids. They imitate your language and movement naturally. So it’s important for you to prove that doing sports are very interesting and helpful for them. You should do regular sports and get some fun, which will encourage your kids to do them with you. Maybe playing badminton is a good choice for you. As it’s fun and casual and kids can play with you together. Besides, it is also helpful for your eyesight and attention. You also need to learn how to focus and how to run quickly, which is very practical for keeping fit.

Secondly, no matter you are adults or kids, we all like to take part in the activities fun, encouraging more physical activity and helping kids to find things they enjoy doing. You don’t need to slog away or just run laps on the treadmill. To play games like “I spy” or take a daily family walk in the neighborhood, or just collect some leaves or stones are also great ideas to let your kids find out what they like best. And you can accompany your kids do some sports together, like badminton, golf, basketball, volleyball, skating and so on, letting them find out what they enjoy best. If they can get fun from doing sports, they will be eager to do sports with friends, family members often, which can help them losing weight and keeping fit.

Keep lifestyle positive

Many parents like to take their children to see movies and go shopping and so on. But you can take them to do something else. You should try to add in more healthy fun instead of taking things away( TV, video games,). For example, you can bring your family to the skating rink instead of a trip to the movie theatre. Your kids can get active while having so much fun.

Finally, you can take them to the indoor playground which is great especially in bad weather.

Sometimes the weather is terrible and your kids cannot do sports outside. But you can’t just let them stay inside and watch TV or just potato chips and chocolate all the time. To play at the indoor playground is a good choice. They can have so much fund and wont’ feel bored for a whole day. And you can take them to the indoor playground once a week and you will find that they can have a good sleep after playing at the indoor playground. For more information about the indoor playground, just contact us today.