The Benefits of Indoor Activities:

As the weather reflects, summer is coming! Now is a good time to take advantage of children’s holidays to allow them to play freely, which is crucial to the overall development of children. We would like to show you the benefits of indoor activities and outdoor activities. Find out their strengths and be ready when your children are ready to play.

Give an Alternative for Hot and Cold Weathers

With indoor gyms and playgrounds, you don’t have to worry about your child scalding himself on a hot device that is heated by the sun, or applying enough sunscreen to protect against sunburn, or wrapping your child in winter clothes. Some companies even sell indoor gyms for your family, taking up little space.

Encourages Creative Ideas

Children are more likely to use their creativity when performing certain activities indoors. Story time and handicrafts encourage children to create, think, and imagine in ways they can’t express outdoors.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

While children do need to experience adventure games as part of their growth, indoor soft play areas can help mitigate the risk of injury and danger, or prepare children for outdoor structures. The soft game area has a buffer landing or foam and cushions throughout the game area, such as a pit.

The Benefits of Outdoor Activities:

Improve Children Vision

As we all know, a good eyesight is very important to everyone. In daily life, we should not only protect our eyes well, but also do more exercises to improve our eyesight. Visual and optometry science report that because the pupils are limited when the light is bright, more outdoor activities can help improve children’s hyperopia.

Playing activities outdoors and indoors, children have more chances to participate in sports, which adds additional advantages to children’s play time. The American Heart Association advises children to exercise for 60 minutes a day. These 60 minutes, whether twice thirty minutes or four times 15 minutes, can help control children’s weight, and lower their blood pressure, or extend their life expectancy, and so on.

Increase Attention Span

This study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that a greener, and more natural environment seems to reduce symptoms of ADHD in children and may encourage them to think more independently. Children who often play outdoors may be more focused than those who do not have much time to play outdoors.

Vitamin D Supplement

By drinking milk alone, children cannot get enough vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin. The sun offers a free and natural way to get these benefits, and even more, such as preventing heart disease and strengthening bones. Be sure to add vitamin D to your kid’s diet to reach the level of 400 international units every day.

In this article, we introduce the benefits of indoor and outdoor sports. If we combine the two well, we can certainly let the children grow up happily and healthily, and at the same time enhance the affection between parents and children in the activities. This has a very positive impact on the future of the child and the family.